Gem Royal Heart Ring


Description Perfectly blending the royal and fashionable feels altogether, this ring is your secret weapon to steal the show like no other. Details & Material Materials: Resin Diameter: 17.2 mm Weight:...

Jelly Princess Flower Ring


Description Have you ever seen something like this? Boasting translucent material, the flower seems to bloom above the water surface, depicting an aesthetically beautiful picture. This piece will never lose...

Colorful Barbie Ring


Description Colorfully unique, this is the perfect ring to show off your lovely personality! So... come on Barbie let's go party!  Details & Material Materials: Acrylic/Resin Inner Diameter: 17.3 mm...

Sweet Flower Ring


Description Always enjoy the day with a good mood, just like this ring will always make your day even better! Details?& Material Materials: Acrylic & Resin Inner Diameter:  17.3 mm...

Cute Flocking Bear Earrings


Description This piece fashioned with pink flocking bear is cute and lovely and on one can resist its glamour. If this cute pair of earrings can't make your day, nothing...

Always Chocolate Heart Earrings


Description Let go of all the negativity and only immerse yourself in the best mood, yes it's possible because chocolate always makes you happy.  Details & Material Length:0.8 inches Material:Acrylic...

Jelly Bean Ring


Description 90s kids rejoice! The most KAWAII custom finger charms for the grown ups. Made with rework acrulic resin materials, we customize your piece in- house with hand painted resin...

Yellow Flower Ring


Description This lovely ring with a yellow flowery charm will certainly brighten up your day and make your heart blossom! Details & Material Materials: Resin Diameter: 17.2 mm Weight: 8...

Heart Jelly Bean Rings


Description 90s kids rejoice! The most KAWAII custom finger charms for the grown-ups. Made with rework acrylic resin materials, we customize your piece in-house with hand-painted resin for maximum shine...

Shimmering Flower Ring


Description This endearing ring with a flower inlaid in shimmering color will set you to look afloat. Wear it and go for a ride, and feel the springtime flagrance breeze...

Triple Gems Vintage Ring


Description You will want to take a peep at this elegant 90s inspired ring. Its charm is tripled with three gems in different shapes and colors: a timeless fashion that...

Barbie Ring


Description Colorfully unique, this is the perfect ring to show off your lovely personality! So... come on Barbie let's go party!  Details & Material Materials: Acrylic & Resin Inner Diameter:...

Sweet Girl Pink Earrings


Description We heart these earrings, they are as romantic as the stars Details & Material 14k gold plated brass studs Material:  Color zircon

Pink Peach Heart Acrylic Necklace


Description Details & Material Material: Acrylic Length: 12.4+ 1.2 inches Weight: 30 g

Double Butterfly Beaded Necklace


Description Does anyone want to lose this gorgeous necklace? I guess the answer is definitely No. The purple beads highlight the whole piece and add a vintage and graceful charm...

Sapphire Pearl Necklace


Description This necklace is made of beautiful sapphire and glossy pearls, showing its unmatched glamour and attraction. This wonderful piece can lift up your daily life and elevate your joy...

Colorful Puppy Pearl Necklace


Description Fashioned with a cute blue puppy, this piece is made with shiny and glossy pearls, conveying two totally different styles. This striking piece can easily set you apart from...

Love Beaded Princess Necklace


Description Whether you're looking for something glittery or something elegant, this awesome piece highlighted by unique heart form is designed for you and will accompany you to encounter a romance....

Lime Beaded Necklaces


Description Finished by pure white and bright yellow pearls, this necklace is well designed, adding a unique and unmatched style. This gorgeous piece can convey both elegance and joy. We...

Lady Sapphire Necklace


Description This necklace is adorned by pure pearls, creating an unmatched sense of elegance and gracefulness. These iced gems offer another texture, highlighting the whole piece and glam you up...

Green Grape Beaded Necklace


Description This gorgeous necklace is made with both stainless steel chain and beads, offering varied visual effect and experience. No matter if you are having a bad day or a...

Purple Heart Necklace And Earring Set

$16.99 – $39.99

Description Your ultimate charming piece to radiate with the great summer, this elegant purple necklace with a heart pendant is what you've been dreaming for. Details & Material Perimeter: Bracelet: 7.09-inch...

Forest Butterfly Set

$13.99 – $34.99

Description Why is the Butterfly dazzled? The answer is easy: your beauty has taken its breath away! Details & Material Materials: Alloy & Silver plating Length: 8.2+1.5 inches Size: Stud Earring:...

Cutie Bear Acrylic Resin Ring


Description How lovely is this ring in vivid color? And look! Even that little bear is out for the overwhelming cuteness! Details & Material Materials: Resin Diameter: 17.2 mm Weight:...

Cute Bear Ring


Description Made with resin and shining in rainbow color, this cute little bear is about to bring you some overflowing joy! Details & Material Weight: 6 g Material: Resin

Baroque Lady Pearl Earrings


Description Pink gem, heart and pearl, you can get all fancy elements you want. This pair of earrings is an awesome combination of wonderful stuff, just like you, wonderful girl....

Irregular Ghost Pearl Earrings


Description Get ready to sparkle with this cute ghost on your ear piercing! Fashioned with irregular pearl, this piece is as elusory as the ghost, and you just can’t help...

Twist Chain & Pearl Necklace


Description This special necklace consists of golden twist chain and pearls, conveying two different styles and statement and grabbing people’s attention without any efforts. This piece is just special in...

Smooth Stone Ring Set


Description Get funky with this stony ring set that's like nothing else. Let it give you a glam up on your outfit and you will shine right away. Details?& Material...

Party Princess Pearl Necklace


Description The iridescent gem just grabs your attention at the first sight. Fashioned with glossy white pearls, this necklace conveys nothing but endless glamour and elegance. No matter if you...

Vintage Floral Pearl Earrings


Description 14k gold plated hoop earrings featuring a baroque pearl and Floral Print. Baroque pearls are one of a kind so size and shape may vary. Do you want to further upgrade your own temperament and beauty? With it, you are the most beautiful one.  Details & Material Length/Width: 1.3 inches/0.6 inches Weight: 3.2 g...

Pop Ring


Description Our bubble rings are designed to be stacked up, worn across your knuckles and wrap around your fingers perfectly to entice your taste buds!  Details & Material Material: Resin Size: 17 mm Weight:...

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