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Pink Butterfly Ring


Description An eye catching and cute butterfly you will sure love, this ring is the perfect way to brighten up your day! Details & Material Materials: Alloy & Dripping oil Inner...

Colorful Daisy Gold Ring


Description The sweetest daisy ring. This cute daisy ring could be used as a thumb or pinky ring, either way to your preference.  Details & Material  Materials: Gold plated stainless...

Daisy Signet Ring


 Details & Material Material: alloy Inside Diameter: 18 mm Weight: 11.6 g

Cloud Brass Ring


Description The 90s kids rejoice! The most KAWAII custom finger charms for the grown-up.  Details & Material Weight: 12g Material:14k gold plated brass ring

Love life Yinyang Ring


Description YinYang chunky gold ring, one statement to elevate your look. Details & Material Material: 14k gold plated brass ring Inner Diameter: 17 mm Weight: 3 g NOT Adjustable

YinYang Charm Ring


Description Yin Yang is Chinese Philosophy, which means dualism, opposite and interconversion.It was believed that Yin and Yang created many things in the universe. The Yin Yang signet ring features...

Double Heart Gold Ring


Description All you need is L-O-V-E... And this fairytale love hearts ring!  Details & Material  Materials: Gold plated stainless steel  Diameter: 17.2mm  Weight: 10g

Magic Mushroom Ring


Description You won't get poisoned by this little mushroom but you will sure get captivated by it. This cute charm on your finger is embellished with gems and cartoonish stamps,...

Smiley Face Gold Ring


Description A smiley ring to match your favorite outfit FINALLY exists ring! ?Details & Material ?Materials: Gold plated stainless steel ?Diameter: 17.2mm ?Weight: 10g

Love ring


Description 90s kids rejoice! The most KAWAII custom finger charms for the grown ups. Details & Material Material:14k gold plated brass ring Weight: 12.5g inner diameter: 17mm

Love Launch Ring


Description This openable ring is an effortless glam up to any of your daily outfits. Simply adjust to the size of your finger and enjoy the cute vibes it brings....

Five-Pointed Star Ring


Description This openable ring is an effortless glam up to any of your daily outfits. Simply adjust to the size of your finger and enjoy the cute vibes it brings....

Rainbow Heart Earrings


Description Only by keeping a smile every day can we experience life better. Like a beautiful rainbow, beautiful and gentle. Details & Material Material: Copper & Zircon Size: 22*11 mm Weight: 5.15g

Hollow Girly Earrings


Description The earrings full of girlish flavor are here. The diamond-encrusted hollow design makes the earrings cute without losing the beauty, letting you return to girlhood. Details & Material Material: Copper/Zircon/Imitation...

Oil Paint Heart Golden Earrings


Description Simple yet adorable, these heart-shaped golden rings with a hint of oil paint surely belong to your favorite jewelry collection. Details & Material Materials: Copper alloy/Dripping oil/Zircon Size: 28*8.5 mm...

Lightning Cloud Earrings


Description So vividly adorable, these little bears are born to bring your day with extra happiness! Details & Material Materials: Copper alloy/acrylic/zircon Size: 31.6*8.5 mm Weight: 3 g

Smiley Face Earrings


Details & Material Size: 17*35mm weight: 5.31g Snap post closure Material: Brass

Shiny Stack Heart Ring


Description Use these little hearts to add love to your fingers, and let the shiny colors light up your day! Details & Material Material: gold-plated stainless steel Size: 18 mm...

Geometric Openable Rings Set


Description These stylish rings in vivid colors are adjustable, so you will never run out of options to find yourself the best piece to glam up your outfit of the...

Combo Hearts Ring

$9.99 – $16.99

Description This ring set will make your heart flutter with its simple yet lovely appeal whether worn individually or together.  Details & Material Materials: Alloy Inner Diameter: 17.2 mm Weight:...

Openable Initial Gem Ring in White


Description Time to show the world your proud personality with this gorgeous individualized ring - openable so it fits your finger perfectly. Remember: the party doesn't start till you walk...

Sun and Moon Gold Ring


Description You shine bright like the sun in the day and you look gorgeous like the moon at night. This ring adds to your glam regardless of time. Details &...

S-Shaped Drip Ring


Description The style is abstract but the uniqueness is real! Say yes to this fashionable ring that will make you stand out like no other. Details & Material Materials: Alloy...

Purple Taro Open Ring


Description A dainty openable ring that will not only fit your finger perfectly, but will also make you the star of the show! Details & Material Materials: Brass & Dripping...

Purple Candy Earring Clip


Description Simplicity is always the best and never runs out of its style. This ring with simple design is in elegant purple, conveying a sense of gracefulness and luxury. It...

Pink Mushroom Fairy Ring


Description This lovely ring can add an extra charm to your whole look, making you charming and more glamorous. Nothing can compete with and resist your glam and everyone will...

Space Raider Ring


Description The most colorful aliens have arrived to send your fingers some love. Stack it together or wear it by itself, the magic of fashion is just about to happen....

Heart-Shaped Lace Green Earrings


 Details & Material Materials: Brass Size: 12*26 mm Weight: 6 g

Exotic Snake Ear Clip


Description The animal meaning of the snake is strongly linked to vitality and raw energy. In many cultures, it is seen as a powerful totem that represents the source of...

Stylish Initial Earrings


Description Drop a hint of your personal style. Let your confidence move the world! Details & Material Material: Acrylic & Alloy Length: 1.5 inches Weight: 4 g

Zircon Earrings


Description Does the green dripping feel make you feel like a forest? Walk into nature, walk into the green. Details & Material Details: 14k gold plated silver stud Material: Brass...

Grunde Raider Earrings


Description This piece is clad in lovely pink color with simple design. If you don’t want to go for complicated form but just simple style, this piece is just right...

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