Universe Tarot Ring


Description The tarot's meaning is represented by each card face of the tarot card, each tarot has its name, each name has its attributes, the tarot meaning, and the story...

Hip Hop Heart Pearl Necklace


Description Details & Material Material: Alloy & Pearl Length: 12.4+ 1.2 inches Weight: 30 g

Baroque Pearl Necklace


Description Looking for something that will get everybody ""wow"" and jealous? Then this gorgeous necklace is just right for you! Decorated with a glossy pearl and dotted with golden speckles,...

Asymmetry Gold Word Earrings


Description Asymmetry Gold Word Earrings are so dazzling and even more dazzling under the light, let this earring be by your side. Details & Material Materials: Copper/Zircon Size: 32*12 mm...

Three-dimensional Love Earring Buckle


Description Finished with sophisticated design and statement, this piece is a showstopping treasure enhancing your glamour and leveling up your happiness in everyday life! Don’t miss this piece and add...

【50%OFF】Sunflower Spinner Ring

$19.99 – $43.98

Shipping>>Express Delivery from Alaska to the Worldwide. ⭐Full refund within 90 days without reason. 💯Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $46 Payments Via PayPal®  For the closest friends and dearest relatives!❤Sunflowers are known...

Galaxy Signet Ring


Description Galaxy Signet Ring is inspired by joy, optimism, happiness, and harmony. Galaxy is representing good energy, whereas the moon phase in white enamel, symlises that all things will come...

Bohemian Star Ring


Description Put the beauty in your heart, let the warm light shine through the zircon, and illuminate your beauty. Grab it and make yourself the brightest one. Details & Material Materials:...

3 Dots Golden Rings


Description Why is the sunflower dazzled? The answer is easy: your beauty has taken its breath away! Details & Material Materials: Alloy/Dripping oil Inner Diameter: 16.5 mm/#6,17.3 mm/#7, 18.2 mm/#8,19 mm/#9,19.8...

Cat Elf Love Necklace


Description Shaped in heart form, this shiny necklace adorned by glossy pearls and tiny glittery zirconia gemstones can always keep it trendy and fashionable regardless of time. And you can’t...

Full in Love Necklace


Description Details & Material Material: Pearl & Zircon Length: 12.4+1.2 inches Weight: 30 g

Love Castle Necklace


Description This showstopping and shiny necklace is finished by a large number of glittery zirconia gemstones in heart form, leading you to a world filled with love and romance. You...

Castle Princess Pearl Necklace


Description Light pink and milk white pearls can easily present a gentle and elegant statement, offering you a comfortable visual effect. This gorgeous necklace with simple design never runs out...

Double New Century Zircon Necklace


Description How shiny and stunning this necklace is! Fashioned with pure pearls and gleaming zirconia gems, this piece can always get people’s attention without any efforts, making you a star...

Love at First Sight Love Necklace


Description This showstopping and shiny necklace is finished by a large number of glittery zirconia gemstones in heart form, leading you to a world filled with love and romance. You...

Twist Chain & Pearl Necklace


Description This special necklace consists of golden twist chain and pearls, conveying two different styles and statement and grabbing people’s attention without any efforts. This piece is just special in...

Sapphire Pearl Necklace


Description This necklace is made of beautiful sapphire and glossy pearls, showing its unmatched glamour and attraction. This wonderful piece can lift up your daily life and elevate your joy...

Gold Step Necklace


- Material: Stainless steel with 18K gold plating- Length: Adjustable clasp from 41 cm to 45.5 cm - Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Minimalist Chain Neckalce


- Material: Brass- Size: 45+6cm(Long) 0.5cm(Width)- Weight: 10.08g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Modern SnakeBone Necklace


- Weight: 15g- Material: 18K gold plated brass and steel.- Pack: One

Retro Pearl Necklace Set


- Material: Alloy, pearl- Length: 50cm- Weight: 21g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Modern SnakeBone Necklace-Double Gold


  - Weight: 15g - Material: 18K gold plated brass and steel. - Pack: One

Simple Gold Pendants Necklace


Featuring a squared-off pendant with a cross star design and a zircon stone shining in the center, this piece can add a vintage feeling to your layers. - Material: Vacuum metalizing- Measurement(L): 46.1cm- Weight:...

Tarot Openwork Necklaces


- Chain:19.7"(45+5.0cm)- Material:Copper Shell.Genuine gold plated. - Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Contrast Pearl Necklace


- Material: Alloy, Imitation Pearl- Length: 45cm- Weight:13g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Cat's Eye Pearl Pieced Necklace


- Material: brass, cat's eye stone, shell beads- Measurement: 41cm+5.5cm- Weight: 2.5g

Puppy Balloon Necklace


Patting the adorable puppy pendant of our puppy balloon necklace can remind you of the touch of little dogs' flurry and soft fur, and the polishing appearance would just shimmering...

Serendipity Pearl Chain Necklace


Serendipity is the luck you have in finding or creating interesting things by chance. Wish serendipity goes with you. And this serendipity piece is the ultimate necklace stack investment. -...

Pearl Necklace


Description This necklace boasting simple design is finished with half chain and half pearls, presenting two different styles and varied visual effects. Details & Material Materials: Alloy&Peral Necklace Length:40 cm Weight:...

Pearl Star Necklace


Description This star like diamonds in the sky. Star is the most magical and romantic object. This attractive necklace fashioned with glossy pearls is gorgeous and it can become your...

Star Tassel Multilayer Necklace


Description This necklace is fashioned with countless stars, .Its unique design makes it different from others, adding an extra addition to your charm and making you look more elegant and...

Stylish Pearl Heart Necklace


Description This wonderful necklace is adorned with several heart-shaped decorations, making you extremely unique and glamorous. This stylish necklace will sure to level up your daily look, and you will...

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