Crystal Love

Meteor Butterfly Ear Clip


Description Take a trip and see the world from another angle with this lovely butterfly clip earring! Butterfly can always remind people of vibrant nature, fragrant flowers and something wonderful....

Dreamy Barbie Love Earrings


Description This lovely pair of earrings with shiny iced gems and “beauty” letters can definitely grab people’s attention, making you the center of the crowd. This piece will perfectly outline...

Heartbeat Hot Air Balloon Earrings


Description Looking for something that will get everybody "wow" and jealous? This fabulous piece is designed as a pink balloon, attracting people’s attention without any efforts. This shiny and gorgeous...

Baroque Line Queen Earrings


Description Purple and pearl are always the epitome of elegance and gracefulness. This gorgeous pair of earrings can always highlight your whole look and outfit, making you a shiny star...

Party Baroque Asymmetrical Earrings


Description Asymmetrical form is another representation of beauty. This unique piece can easily catch people’s attention and set you apart from others. Believe me, this piece is a must have...

Heart of the Sea Stud Earrings


Description Shaped in heart form, this colorful piece decorated with gleaming zirconia gems may accompany you and help witness and record a romantic encounter and sweet love story! Don’t hesitate...

Square Emerald Tassel Earrings


Description A showstopping statement piece! This gorgeous piece can lift your day up! It never runs out of its style and glamour with its delicateness and exquisiteness. The love is...

Pink Lovers Earrings


Description Dose this sweet pair of pink heart earrings reminds you of your loved one? The piece will lead you to embark on a journey of romance. No one can...

Spider Web Zircon Ear Clip


Description Spider web seems to be delicate and fragile, but it is the most powerful weapon for spider to catch its prey. Likewise, you can use this spider web piece...

Elf Zircon Ring


Description The precious stone! A deep rich colour! Blue as sapphire. This ring is accentuated by a shiny and stunning turquoise zirconia gem, standing for a sense of vintage and...

Initial Angel Gem Ring


Description The style is abstract but the uniqueness is real! Say yes to this fashionable ring that will make you stand out like no other. Details & Material Materials: Alloy...

Ruthless Purple Gemstone Bracelet


Description Finished by metal chain, this bracelet is different from other counterparts, making you cool and special. While the purple iced gem can strike a balance between the punk style...

Dreamy Peach Flower Necklace


Description Does anyone want to lose this gorgeous necklace? I guess the answer is definitely No. The purple beads highlight the whole piece and add a vintage and graceful charm...

Crystal Bow Princess Necklace


Description Want to be cool and cute at the same time? This gorgeous piece can make your dream come true. The metal chain offers a cool statement, while the bow...

Lady Emerald Necklace


Description Let the fantasy strike on point with this basic captive necklace. Fashioned with gorgeous emerald, this necklace is born to be elegant and conveys a sense of luxury. This...

Ballet Rosette Earring


Description You are the queen of the darkness with this unique pair of earrings. This piece can add an extra charm to your whole look, making you sexier and more...

Baroque Crystal Earrings


Description This gorgeous piece takes cues from snowflake, stunning and shiny. The sophisticated craftsmanship shows our love and respect for our customers. This unique and shiny piece can make you...

Crystal Colorful Fairy Earrings


Description Each piece is fashioned with four zirconia gems in different colors, this wonderful pair of earrings conveys a sense of floating and enhances your beauty and glamour wherever you...

Meteor Bow Earrings


Description Details & Material Material: Alloy and Zircon Size: 28*45 mm Weight: 6 g

Meteor Zircon Ear Clip


Description This heart-formed piece enjoys trendy design and exquisiteness. The tassel highlights the whole piece, conveying a sense of floating. Wherever you go, you just show people your confidence and...

Peach Heart Meteor Earrings


Description You may find it hard to understand love: it's joyful yet confusing, as the irresistible attraction comes from its floating nature. This wonderful pair adorned by pink iced gems...

Opal Leaf Earrings


Description The wind blows by the leaf, and leaf sways clinging to the illusion. This leaf-formed piece fashioned with colorful iced gems boasts delicateness and exquisiteness, indicating our love in...

Pink Heartbeat Ear Clip


Description Get ready to sparkle with this elegant piece on your ear piercing! This piece is adorned with pink and well-cut zirconia gem, setting you apart from others. If this...

Purple Hollow Heart Earrings


Description Have you ever seen something like this? This piece adorned with purple and pink iced gems will never lose its style and can be attractive at any time. It...

Aquamarine Alabaster Earrings


Description A symbol of love and beauty! This beautiful Flower will fly to your inner heart. This piece fashioned with purple gems is so gorgeous that it can easily catch...

Astral Cross Earrings


Description Have you ever seen something like this? Boasting delicate craftsmanship and classic design, this wonderful pair of earrings will never lose its style and can be charming at any...

Asymmetric Zircon Earrings


Description Details & Material Material: Zircon and pearl Size: 11*11 mm Weight: 3 g

Butterfly Shape Ring


Description The style is abstract but the uniqueness is real! Say yes to this fashionable ring that will make you stand out like no other. Details & Material Materials: Alloy...

Dream Pink Girly Ring


Description How showstopping this bracelet is! This ring enjoys a wonderful elegance with a shiny zirconia gemstone. If you want to go for simple and long-lasting elegance and attraction, this...

Midsummer Night's Dream


Details & Material Material: Imitation pearl & Zircon Size: Elasticity

Double New Century Zircon Necklace


Description How shiny and stunning this necklace is! Fashioned with pure pearls and gleaming zirconia gems, this piece can always get people’s attention without any efforts, making you a star...

Initial Ruby Necklace


Description This ruby necklace was born at midnight, based on two basic alloy necklaces, set off the beauty of rubies, wear this one to become the most beautiful one at...

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