Always add some extra glam to your outfit with something catchy, lovely and necessary, like a necklace. 💎💖

Modern SnakeBone Necklace-Double Gold


  - Weight: 15g - Material: 18K gold plated brass and steel. - Pack: One

Modern SnakeBone Necklace


- Weight: 15g- Material: 18K gold plated brass and steel.- Pack: One

Moon Tassel Necklace


- Material: Chain Alloy- Length: 30CM + extension chain 10CM- Weight: 5-10g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Moonlight Necklace


- Material: Brass, Pearls- Size: 38+6cm(Long) 0.3cm(Width)- Weight: 9.97g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Mori Pearl Flower Necklace


- Material: Chain, Gemstone, Alloy- Length: 37+8cm- Weight: 15g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Multilayer Colorful Heart Necklace


- Material: Copper, Zircon- Size: 47/38/35cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Muscle Letters Bead Necklace Set


- Material: Alloy, brass, beads- Length: 50+7cm- Weight: 19.6g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Natural Pearl Chain Necklace


  - Weight: 13.2g - Pack: One - Materials: Natural pearl. 18K Gold plated brass. - Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic  

Natural Stone Oval Necklace


- Material: brass, natural stone- Measurement: 50cm+1.5cm- Weight: 12.8g

Nepal Sweet Necklace


- Material: Alloy, Beads- Length: 47cm- Weight: 15g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Octomom Star Red Zirconia Necklace


- Material: titanium steel- Measurements: chain length: 45+5cm

Octomoment Lucky Compass Couple's Necklace


- Material: Alloy pendant with full brass chain- Measurements: 60+5cm waxed wire 55+5cm chain- Weight: 9.82g

Paper Aeroplane Cut-Out Couple's Necklace


- Material: Alloy- Measurements: Pendant: 1.8x1.1cm Chain: 51cm- Weight: 11.08g

Palm Leaf Necklace


- Material: titanium steel- Measurements: chain length: 45+5cm,pendant 1.5*1.8cm- Weight: 6g

Pearl Cinnamoroll Necklace


- Material: Titanium steel, Pearl- Size: 48cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Colorful Handmade Necklace


- Material: Gemstone, Alloy- Measurement:40g, 10cm*10cm*5cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Flower Layering Necklace


- Material: Imitation pearls, Alloy- Size: 50+7cm- Weight: 12.3g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Large Mesh Necklace


- Material: pearl- Weight: 56g

Pearl Large Necklace


- Material: pearl- Weight: 31g

Pearl Nest Necklace


- Material: Brass, Pearl- Chain Length: 48+8.5cm- Pendant Diameter: 1.3cm- Weight: 5.5g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Pottery Bracelet&Necklace Set


- Material: Plastic, Resin- Measurement: 40-47cm(Necklace), 21-28cm(Bracelet)- Weright: 13g(Necklace), 8g(Bracelet)- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Pottery Earring&Necklace Set


- Material: Plastic, Resin- Measurement: 43-51cm(Necklace), 4.5cm(Earrings)- Weright: 9g(Necklace), 12g(Earrings)- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pearl Wale Tail Necklace


- Material: Rice beads, Pearls, Chain- Measurement: Adjustable length- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pink Bead Kulomi Necklace


- Material: Titanium steel- Size: 48cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pink Puppy Tag Necklace


- Material: Acrylic- Size: 55cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pink Zebra Necklace


- Material: Alloy- Size: 42cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Pixel Heart Necklace


- Material: Titanium- Size: 38/45+5cm   2.5/1cm(pendant)- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Puppy Balloon Necklace


Patting the adorable puppy pendant of our puppy balloon necklace can remind you of the touch of little dogs' flurry and soft fur, and the polishing appearance would just shimmering...

Purple Love Tag Stacked Necklace


- Material: alloy, imitation pearls, drip tape- Measurements: 35+7/45+7cm- Weight: 21.9g

Rainbow Beaded Pearl Necklace


- Material: Rice beads, Imitation pearl- Measurement: 45cm+6cm- Weight: 8.5g- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

Real Pearl Orb Pendant Necklace


- Material: gold-plated brass, natural pearls- Measurement: circumference about 47.9cm,pendant about 1.95cm- Weight: 7.5g

Red Heart Splicing Necklace


- Material: Copper, Crystal, Natural stone, Enamel- Size: 50cm- Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

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